Communities of Practice for Ontario Public Libraries
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What is PeerHQ

Communities of Practice for Ontario public libraries is one of the strategic collaborative initiatives resulting from the Libraries 2025 initiative. Communities are created to facilitate sharing of experiences and best practices, and overcome communications barriers.

PeerHQ is your place to join a community based on its relevance to your needs.

These Communities of Practice are your place to:

  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Discuss common interests
  • Share best practices and innovate
  • Learn from your colleagues

For more formal learning opportunities visit LearnHQ.

Getting Started

To participate in PeerHQ’s communities of practice, you will need to create an account. Click here to register.

Our Communities

Here are some of the established communities you may wish to join. Please select a community for more information.

Is there a community you think the Ontario public library community needs? Suggest a Community

These communities are private and not open for public viewing.

In using PeerHQ, please remember that views expressed by individual members of the community do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ontario Library Service agencies.

Contact the Communities of Practice Committee: